T-Shirts That Glorify God

T-Shirts That Glorify God

With the quarantine has come an onslaught of online classes and zoom calls. Now with the move to virtual communication comes, blissfully, a relaxing of dress codes. Unfortunately, after two years of wearing business casual every weekday and pajamas on the weekend, I did not have any t-shirts to wear. In a time where a lot of people are opting for pajamas, I wanted to be able to wear something that felt like my pjs while still not feeling self-conscious in the semi-public settings which are my online classes. So, I started looking at the Queen of Angels website. Before I went to college, I worked at the store and was given a couple of their t-shirts to wear to work and, I must say, wow!

I also have sensitive skin and I am not very nice to my t-shirts. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve accidentally (or intentionally) worn one of those shirts to bed. They are some of the most comfortable t-shirts I have ever worn. None of them have ever irritated my skin and they fit really well. And, most importantly, they’re basically indestructible. I brought them with me to college and I have received so many compliments while wearing them! They’re cute, they’re funny and they have a wonderful message that I think everyone needs to hear at least once a day.

I’ve worn them while doing maintenance work and they’ve held up, proving their durability. At the grocery store, my fellow shoppers stop me and tell me how my shirt made them smile or it starts a positive conversation about the Faith. They make great gifts and they’re perfect for little kids too. And during a time when the most interesting thing about work is the t-shirts the coworkers are wearing on the zoom screens, they make for a great pick-me-up, while still looking put together and being able to enjoy all the comforts of your pajamas. With over ten different colors, styles, prints and sizes, everyone is bound to find something they like. So, give them a shot! After all, there’s a pandemic out and you deserve a treat, especially if you can glorify God in the process.


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