Home Altars: A Space for God

Home Altars: A Space for God

One of the things I remember most about moving is how after the move my mother would set up the family altar. She would take the antique cabinet with the marble top and put the blessed candles in crystal holders on it. The family Bible with birthdates, sacrament dates and death dates would be placed smack in the center and the red wood cross with sterling silver corpus was put at the head of the Bible, the image of the sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary directly behind it. The image of the Holy Family would be hung on the wall on one side and the Sacred Heart of Jesus directly above the altar. 

In the dorms at my college, an old room was converted to an adoration chapel where students could go to pray or do homework in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Just a simple space dedicated to God where people can go to be in His presence and take a break from the stresses of the day and find a little (or a lot of) extra help. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to that little room to ask for help with some daunting task and found peace and help. 

I think it's important during this time when churches are closed and Sacraments are hard to get that everyone have a space in their house dedicated to God. It can be anywhere, in my house it was just that simple table in the corner of the room. In other houses I've been to, it's a converted walk in closet or at the center of the living room. It just needs to be one place, dedicated especially to Him. Many people find kneelers in front of an Icon to be the best, or even just a table. Either way, it's whatever works for your family. 

It's simple to create such a space. A simple holy image or Icon, medals, rosaries, candles, whatever you choose. If your family has a particular devotion to a special saint, be sure to include them. Customize as you will. And have your family join for prayer there. We would pray the nightly rosary near that altar every night for nine years. I think it's truly something that everyone needs, just a space where you can let go and let God and seek Him out. 


  1. Omwony Tom Omwony Tom

    Wonderful, the practice strengthens our Faith, I believe Catholics should go for this. It's a source of our peace, joy, strength and unity in the home.

  2. Janice Janice

    Thank you for sharing. Although I did not grow up with one in my home, I've loved the idea as an adult. We have several pictures and statues in our living room with our special crucifix that we bought as a young married couple 20 years ago.

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