Religious Socks for All!

Religious Socks for All!

When I first saw the socks come in to the store, I was not sure they were going to be very well liked. But I now stand corrected. They are, in fact, very well liked. 

My college campus sports at least one student a week running around in his John Paul II socks or his St. Michael socks or his Mary socks. Seminarians love them! (Yes, even if that particular seminarian is from Arkansas.) If you don't know what to get that boy on his confirmation? Get him Religious socks! 

They make great Father's Day gifts for when the tools are spilling out of the garage and the ties are falling out of the closet. And they fit perfectly under cassocks for those special priests that you absolutely couldn't go the day without getting them something wonderful! Not sure what to get your confirmation sponsor? I bet they would love the socks!

They're soft, they're durable and they're great for work or for the weekends! They come in a variety of saints ranging from Therese of Liseux to John Paul II and everything from Mary to the rosary in between! Everyone is sure to find a pair of patron saint socks for that special someone or even for themselves!


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