Night Light Box John Baptist Murillo LED Lights

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Bring the Light of Christ into every room with these beautiful light boxes! Featuring a gorgeous work of Catholic art, these light boxes are sure to Jesus into the mind of all who behold them. With the light coming from inside the box, even in the darkest rooms the art is sure to be seen!

The Young Saint John with Lamb depicts a John the Baptist in his youth, playfully frolicking with a young lamb. The artist, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo of Spain, strove to create lifelike emotions and humanity in his works and here he excels. John is turned to the observer, the joy evident on his face yet knowing flickers in his dark eyes. Is the lamb meant to represent Jesus, the Lamb of God? Is John aware of this? Whatever the case it is a clear indicator of the true beauty of art; that every unique person will view the piece in a different, unique way, just as God views each person in a different, unique way.

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