Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children

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Are you looking for a warm, inspiring book for Christmas for yourself or as a gift? Look no further! Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children offers warmth and inspiration and much more. It introduces your children to traditions and customs drawn from many cultures as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Learn to make an Advent Bread Dough Wreath or your own edible Advent Calendar. Your children will meet St. Nicholas, while they bake Speculaas cookies and other treats. But don’t stop with St. Nicholas, there is a line-up of saints to keep the children busy with baking as your family or class prepares for the great celebration of the Savior’s birth. When Christmas day is over, do you think the celebrations have finished? Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children will convince you that Christmas is a season and not just one day! There are special feast days to celebrate throughout the Christmas season and recipes and activities to ensure many happy memories.

What can you expect from this book? Parents and teachers will find a new resource to expand their children’s understanding and enjoyment of the Advent and Christmas seasons. It contains background information on the Christian calendar, its seasons and special feast days, along with recipes drawn from Catholic cultural traditions. There are prayers, poems, and illustrations that warm the heart and remind us to take time to prepare, celebrate, and then savor the beauty of Christmas with our children. Planning calendars, Advent and Christmas symbols for the children’s artwork, children’s books and DVDs and much more, make this a book that will outlast Advent and Christmas of this year.

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