Stories of the Mother Teresa I Knew

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Stories of the Mother Teresa I Knew

Event Details:
- Date: 5-10-2023
- Time: 6:30pm
- Location: Bishop Kenny High School
Carla Harris Performing Arts Center

Jim Towey '74, a trusted advisor and devoted friend of Mother Teresa, gives an extraordinary firsthand account of the woman who became a saint. A former senior White House advisor, head of Florida's social services agency, and founder of the nonprofit Aging with Dignity, Jim shines light on the practical lesson from Mother Teresa and how following her example in small ways makes our life better and more beautiful in all seasons of life, but especially our later years.

Event Committee Members

Zim '73 and Terry Boulos
Steve Lyons '74
Tim and Nancy Corrigan '74
Jack and Mary '72 McElroy
Derek Dewan '73
Rick and Lynn Mullaney
Rufus and Angel '74 Dowell
John Peyton
Hugh and Malinda Durham
John '75 and Julie Tucker


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