The River and the Source

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You will find yourself filled with laughter and tears as you follow the stories of these powerful women and their families who give insight into the culture and aspirations of the Luo people in Kenya.


By Dr. Margaret A. Ogola

This novel tells the story of a slow Christian conversion penetrating through four generations of a family from the mid-1800s to the present.

Set in East Africa, prior to European colonization, author Margaret Ogola paints a vivid picture of a family's journey through time and a rapidly changing culture. Fascinating and captivating, this story highlights the culture, the beliefs, and the oh-so-familiar human struggles and joys of generations of women and their families. The themes of loyalty, courage, family values, and hope permeate the story as each generation endures suffering with determination and a firm belief in God. They welcome change while taking on the challenges that come with it and grasping onto the continuity of their traditions and beliefs.

This novel won both the Jomo Kenyatta Literature Prize and the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book in the Africa Region. It continues to be in worldwide demand.

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