The Grunt Padre T-Shirt

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This t-shirt was made to Honor Servant of God Fr. Vincent Robert "The Grunt Padre" Capodanno (February 13, 1929 – September 4, 1967). He was a Roman Catholic priest and Maryknoll Missioner who was killed in action while serving as a United States Navy chaplain assigned to a Marine Corps infantry unit during the Vietnam War. He was a posthumous recipient of America's highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for heroic actions above and beyond the call of duty. The Catholic Church has declared him a Servant of God, the first of the four stages toward possible sainthood.

In a biography written by Father Daniel Mode, an Arlington priest, titled "The Grunt Padre" — Father Capodanno’s nickname — Marine Cpl. Keith Rounseville recounts how Father Capodanno “was jumping over my (fox) hole, all the while exposing himself to enemy machine gun fire to try and give aid to a wounded Marine.”

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