Deliver Us Rosary Meditations To Heal the Church

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It is no accident that we are here, born into this world, at this time in history. We may wish for easier times, but each of us has a role to fulfill in the plan of salvation happening now. Finding that purpose allows us to help the Church to more effectively carry out her mission. Intercessory prayer is always of great value to the work of the Church, but maybe never more than it is now when so much damage has been done and so many souls are at stake. Often we say things like, "all we can do is pray," as if prayer is inferior or should only be employed in last-ditch efforts. When all else fails, we pray. But the truth of the matter is, without prayer, all else will fail. May these meditations on the most holy Rosary strengthen our faith, give us wisdom and sharpen our resolve to do whatever is in our power to heal the Church.

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