Dazzled: Finding the Key to Perfect Forgiveness

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Everyone needs to heal from something. We all have brokenness. Some of us don’t even recognize our wounds for what they are; the things we flaunt only hide what we fail to acknowledge. When the wounds finally do get uncovered, the pain intensifies and we want to get beyond the discomfort as soon as possible.

We desire to live a normal, happy life and not to be held captive by our past. We’re told forgiveness is the key. Perhaps we know that already. We may even believe it. But do we know what perfect forgiveness actually is? The world offers a version of forgiveness whose goal is to unload our burdens so we can feel better and ‘move on’.

Once we attain this level, we’re allowed to be happy. But this book suggests something radically different: the world’s version of forgiveness is sadly incomplete. It’s unfinished. Only through the transformative power of our wounds themselves, can the fullness of perfect forgiveness be attained.

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