I Am Margaret - Margo's Diary

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A Companion Volume to the I Am Margaret Series, Margo's Diary also contains the novella Visitors.

So what happened after the Vote? Well, I kept forgetting to write in my diary, but I did record the important stuff!

  • Lunch with a former Facility guard (interesting!).
  • Meeting Lucas’s sister - that was INTENSE!
  • Bane’s parents visit - that was OUT of the BLUE!

And lots of political developments!

Plus Vatican State births, marriages and deaths. Mostly HAPPY things!

After 6 years, I just filled it up with fun stuff:

  • My Underground Latin Primer
  • My favorite Psalms and Prayers
  • A few Maps
  • A diagram of a ProCamera Mass kit (like the one Fr Mark used to use!)
  • Bane’s Story! (‘Squire Thane and the Dragon’ - my proposal!) Mustn’t forget that.

And a few drawings & things...

Also, the review quote featured on the 'Margo's Diary' page on the website is actually for 'I Am Margaret'.  Perhaps this one instead: 'This is an excellent book in a great series.' - Steven R. McEvoy, Top 1000 Reviewer. And if I dare to point out one more thing(!) the synopsis of Brothers needs paragraph breaks or it is rather confusing to read. So it should be:

I blinked rapidly, the intense white of the explosion still hovering, ghost-like, in my vision. It all seemed unreal. Whoever was in that car was dead. Right before my eyes… Clearly, I had no monopoly on death, this evening.


Joe Whitelow is 13. ‘K’ is 18. Joe’s small for his age. K’s tall and strong. Joe’s almost blond. K’s hair is dark. He’s a Believer. Joe’s a bit vague about what that even means.

But they do have one thing in common. They both need to get out of the euro bloc. Or die. 

 Praise for Margo’s Diary:

“One of the best Christian fiction books I have read.”

–Cat Caird, blogger of Sunshine Lenses Product Details:

  • Book dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Cover: paperback
  • 166 pages
  • Ages 16+


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