DigestZen Oil | doTerra 15ml

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Whether you’re traveling on vacation or to a family event, trying a new recipe, or regretting a big meal, keep DigestZen on hand. Every CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oil in the Digestive Blend was chosen with your tummy in mind. Cardamom—a close relative to Ginger—can help maintain a healthy GI system when taken internally. Coriander, Ginger, and Fennel help ease occasional stomach discomfort and indigestion. Peppermint, Anise, and Caraway aid digestion and help maintain a healthy GI tract when consumed.

Mix DigestZen with Fractionated Coconut Oil and incorporate into a gentle tummy massage. Or take a few drops in water or tea to aid digestion, calm occasional gastric upsets, keep stomach jitters at bay, and maintain a healthy digestive system.


Primary Benefits

  • Supports healthy digestion when used internally
  • Soothes occasional upset stomach when used internally
  • Helps reduce gas and occasional indigestion when used internally
  • Complements a comforting abdominal massage with a spicy, sweet, and minty aroma
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