Breastplate of Righteousness (Armor of God #2)

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  • Second in this wonderful, virtue-driven series 
  • Teaches kids how to love, strive for, and live virtue 
  • Exciting and engaging stories with Catholic lessons 
  • Families can read together, or kids read on their own
  • A must-have for today's Catholic kids Add to your family library today

The Armor of God books delightfully teach children to love and strive after virtue, while entertaining them with interesting stories. In this second book  in the series, George Pennington needs to earn the next piece of armor! He’s a student at the Knights School for Boys and Girls, and he’s already earned The Belt of Truth. Maybe one day he’ll actually become a knight! A storm is coming, and George’s friend Henry needs help. Henry accidentally made a hole in the roof, and they must repair it now! George’s father won’t let him go because of the weather, but his friend really needs him. What is George to do? He must make the right choice because he desperately wants the next piece of armor: The Breastplate of Righteousness.

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