Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics, NABRE Translation

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Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics helps Middle Schoolers to read and understand the Bible

  • Bring a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith to young people with inserts that focus on Catholic Prayers and Catholic Teachings
  • Young people can apply the lessons of the Bible to their lives with Pray It! Study It! Live It! articles
  • Streamlined navigation enables Middle Schoolers to find passages quickly and easily
  • Students can watch characters from the Bible come to life through imaginative interviews with key biblical people
  • Empower young people to connect the Bible’s stories with their Catholic beliefs through the Catholic Connections articles
  • Explain to students how God broke through in the major periods of biblical (salvation) history with a detailed historical time line
  • Introductions to and facts about each of the books of the Bible will help young people understand the Bible in a more complete way 
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