Andrew Salvatore (Employee)

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Andrew  Salvatore (Employee)

Working here since: Lent 2018
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I'm Andrew.

I have been working here since Lent 2018. love working here, there is always something to do. Managing on this website as the Website Manager is a favorite. I also work on the: Queen of Angels YouTube Channel. I enjoy the Florida Eucharistic Congress every year! The past two years I worked part of the Congress at the Queen of Angels table. #QOAFLEC

Photo 1: (2018) Bishop John Noonan | Bishop Felipe J. Estévez | Me | Cardinal Donald Wuerl   Photo 2: (2019) Deacon (Now Fr.) Nicholas Bennett | Me | Deacon (Now Fr.) Matthew King | Archbishop Terrence Prendergast    Photo 3: (2019) Bishop Felipe J. Estévez | Me

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Things I enjoy:


And much more.




2018 Christmas Photo

Merry Christmas from Andrew!

Photo: Pope Francis (cardboard) | Me | St. John Paul II (cardboard)


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Web page Photo 1

Photo of Andrew in store

Photo taken on 4-26-2018


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Photo taken on 10-9-2018


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Photo of Andrew in store

Photo taken on 12-27-2018


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Photo taken on 3-12-2019


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Photo taken on 4-27-2019


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Photo taken on 7-11-2019


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Photo taken on 3-17-2020


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