The Joy of Believing

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As a convert from atheism Madeleine Delbrêl arrived near Paris in 1933 with “No secrets and nothing to hide” as she put it. Her only desire was to live an unconditional openness to the gospel and to become a true neighbor to those living near her, especially the poor. She made friends with people from every strata of society — believers and non-believers alike. In her day to day life she discovered and articulated what is required of the follower of Christ.

This classic spiritual masterpiece consists mainly of Madeleine’s private writings which joyfully reflect God's personal love of each and every person. These precious pages include excerpts from her letters, notes, and poetry on daily living the Christian faith in modern culture. You will learn how to cultivate your spiritual life, value sufferings that arise, and more. You will further discover “A Simple Guide for Simple Christians” with priceless maxims on how to grow in prayerful surrender and love of God and neighbor, regardless of your circumstances. Fascinatingly, you will also find:

  • How St. Charles de Foucauld’s apostolate changed the world and can be shared by you – now
  • The secret to happiness and effectiveness in loving others in every occupation
  • Three ways to love the Divine Bridegroom totally regardless of your vocation
  • Six meditations on daily life to assist you in opening your heart to God’s will and living with joy
  • The “spirituality of the bike” (Are you ready for the ride?)
  • The practical mysticism contained in the Beatitudes

Madeleine’s intense awareness of God’s reality and His presence gave her an ongoing dynamism in her struggles against injustice and unhappiness in all its forms. As she rubbed shoulders with atheists her love of God grew more and more alive and she became a model for those grappling with faith. She will  inspire you in daily living out those twin commandments of loving God and neighbor that Madeleine described as “inseparable but distinct.”

Madeleine’s writing is filled with true-love, genuine hope, and compassion. She will help you fall in love with God and let yourself be loved as His cherished creation. Through her rich meditations, you will also learn to grow in deeper prayer and experience the faith which she said is the “temporal commitment of eternal love.”

A reviewer wrote: “Every person interested in lived-Christianity in today’s atheistic culture should find this book worth reading over and over again.” 

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