Sock Religious St. Rose of Lima Adult Socks

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St. Rose of Lima, a Peruvian saint from the late 16th century, was the first person born in the Americas to be canonized. From an early age, she embraced a life of asceticism, practicing self-imposed penance and wearing a crown of thorns to unite herself with the sufferings of Jesus. Combining her unwavering faith with her passion for embroidery, St. Rose created intricate needlework pieces that reflected her love for God and the saints.

Additionally, she found solace and spiritual connection through her garden, which she cultivated with an abundance of roses, symbolizing her own spiritual journey. St. Rose of Lima's devotion, acts of selflessness, and unique talents continue to inspire people worldwide. This sock design pays homage to the vibrant embroidery patterns of Peru and the gardening legacy of St. Rose of Lima.

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