Secrets of the Pink House: From Saltwater to Holy Water

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Relationships. Careers. Health. Finances.

Hardships can arise from any direction, at any time. Secrets of the Pink House provides a safe harbor from life's storms. You will learn to achieve personal peace no matter your circumstances by accepting God's will and following the unique course that he has set for you.

Author Jack Manilla testifies to how God has directed his personal life and business, helping him to overcome financial and personal crises. Manilla has survived "super storms" that left him destitute and directionless, as well as bereft and hopeless. With God's guidance, he has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges such as business failures and the near-death of his son.

In sharing Secrets of the Pink House, Manilla hopes to help others achieve personal peace and to climb God's spiral to success, which puts heavenly rewards above earthly treasure

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