Saints of Christmas Activity Book

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The Saints of Christmas Activity Book includes fun activities and coloring pages corresponding to all six books included in our Saints and Me! series Saints of Christmas set:

  • Mary and Joseph: Models of Faith and Love
  • Nicholas of Myra: Giver of Many Gifts
  • Lucy: A Light for Jesus
  • Francis of Assisi: Keeper of Creation
  • Gianna Beretta Molla: Wife, Mother, and Doctor
  • Martin de Porres: A Beggar from Justice

Saints are real-life heroes and heroines of faith who inspire us by their virtues to become more like Christ. In the new series of early reader books, Saints and Me!, the real stories of saints come to life and connect with today’s children, ages 4 to 9.

With 96 pages of coloring and activities, this book makes a great resource for teachers, catechists, and parents. The variety of activities reinforce what is learned in the stories including word searches containing the words in a story, coloring sheets, and games.

Activities are for children ages 6-9. An answer key is provided.

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