20 Answers New Age

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What is the New Age movement all about?

How have New Age beliefs infiltrated our popular culture?

What are the Church’s warnings about the spiritual dangers of New Age ideas?

How should a Catholic approach things like “mindfulness,” yoga, crystals, Reiki, meditation, alternative medicines, and other practices associated with the New Age?

With the modern hunger for spirituality created by the vacuum of declining religious belief, Western interest in the so-called New Age is stronger than ever. Whether its ideas are ancient and mystical as its promoters believe or just leftovers from hokey novelties from the sixties, they’re finding millions of devotees today—leading Christians away from revealed truth and potentially even opening the door to demonic influence. 20 Answers: The New Age explains the roots and substance of New Age beliefs and contrasts them with Catholic teaching, showing you how to protect yourself and your family from their seductive errors.

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