Mary's Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's Help

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This is a Marian Consecration that people don't want to see end. Healing miracles, reunited families, and Catholic conversions have occurred because of the graces that flow from this self-guided retreat.

Mary's Mantle Consecration: A Spiritual Retreat for Heaven's Help, endorsed by Bishop Myron J. Cotta, offers an outpouring of grace upon your life and your loved ones. St. Pope John Paul II said that his consecration to Mary was "a decisive turning point in my life." It can be the same for you.

Mary's Mantle Consecration comes to us in tumultuous times. Today it is important that we consecrate ourselves to the Mother of God, entrusting our lives to her protection, guidance, and care, inviting her to conform us to the likeness of her Son. There is so much need and brokenness in the world, in the Church, in our families, and in our hearts. By preparing for consecration through the power of the Rosary, a little fasting, and a two-minute daily reading of a beautiful meditation on a virtue or gift of the Holy Spirit (people's favorite part), we can expect heaven's help. This self-guided retreat for consecration is perfect for individuals, couples, families, groups and parishes.

It comes with an additional opportunity to dive even deeper into God through a companion workbook with quotes from saints, passages of Scripture, and insightful questions for reflection, called Mary's Mantle Consecration Prayer Journal.

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