Lost Sheep Wooden Game

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Help find the lost sheep!

In the parable of the Lost Sheep, Jesus tells us about the shepherd that has 100 sheep, and one gets lost. The shepherd will leave the 99 and search for the 1 until it is found- and rejoice at it’s return! Jesus then tells us that heaven rejoices even more when one sinner repents and turns back to God. The parable of the Lost Sheep teaches children the powerful lesson that not only does God welcome repentant sinners, but that Jesus actively searches for and welcomes them back.

How to Play:

1. Player one goes to a separate room and hides the sheep while player two isn’t looking. To make it tricky, the sheep should be totally or partially hidden behind something.
2. Then, using the sheep print discs, player one should create a path of “sheep-prints” that lead to the sheep.
3. The sheep print marked “5” should be closest to the sheep.
4. When placing the sheep discs, the hoof prints should point towards the next sheep disc. They can be placed in a straight line for a simple game, or get tricky by pointing them at angles and creating a zigzag hunt!
5. Once the sheep is hidden and the discs are placed, player two has to find the sheep by following the numbered discs from one to five!
6. Once the sheep is found, player one and two switch rolls and play again!

Please note: in actual game play the prints should be spaced farther apart than in our photos so they are not easily seen- please use the photos for reference of scale!
A favorite of European toy manufacturers, our new wood sets are crafted using highly sustainable solid rubberwood from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources, and non-toxic water based paint.

Rubberwood is a highly sustainable and beautiful hardwood. Trees that have finished producing latex on rubber tree farms are cut down to make room for new trees to be planted. Instead of wasting this beautiful wood, it is used to create a variety of home goods and toys! We've very intentionally selected rubberwood for this reason, to avoid deforestation and ensure our wooden toys are truly environmentally friendly.

Conforms to all ASTM standards for toy safety.

For ages 18+ months

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