Look Again, Thomas

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Put on your “seeing glasses” and take a trip with Angelo and Thomas through forests and ponds, snow-covered hills and sun baked deserts – and find surprising discoveries along the way! Follow Thomas as he begins looking beyond the surface of things and learns something new about people.

A book about goodness, beauty, and love, this story reminds us that when we ask God to help us see people through His eyes, we open ourselves up to the gift of wonder.

They plunked down on a log. Angelo pulled out his seeing glasses from his sack and put them on. Then he began searching for something.
“Oh, look!” He pointed at a spot a few feet away.
Thomas squinted to see. “It’s a leaf.”
“Look again, Thomas!”

Meet Angelo Pio.
The Sisters of Life have been blessed to know Angelo and his mother, Gina, from the time Angelo was still a little person in his mother’s womb. Angelo, who has Down Syndrome, is the inspiration for this book: he sees the people in his life and everything around him as a wonderful gift.

Children's book, hardcover, full-color, 48 pages, 8" by 8." Written and illustrated by the Sisters of Life.

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