Live to Give: An inspirational memoir about freedom, faith, and selflessness

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“My family’s refugee experience in the United States—having to rebuild our lives from nothing—is what drives me to help the poor as often as I am capable.”

Rescued from a small fishing boat off the coast of Vietnam in 1975, Kim-Doan Katrina Nguyen and her family soon found themselves starting over in America, with little more than their work ethic and their faith in God to sustain them. Bolstered by her beliefs and her desire to thrive, Nguyen ultimately realized her dream of becoming a physician, specializing in pediatric gastroenterology. Today, her deep faith is evident in her ever present mission to help others, no matter the circumstance.

Live to Give is Nguyen’s reflection on a life of determination and devotion, marked most importantly by her gifts of time, talent, and treasure to make the world around her a better place.

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