Lenten Magnet Map

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The Lenten Magnet Map from Catholic Sprouts is the perfect way for any family to enter more fully into the Lenten Season. Move your magnet each day of Lent and be more aware of your time journeying with Jesus, as well as the saints we celebrate during this season.

Product details:

The main Map Magnet is 24"x11", full color and has a wipeable surface.

The map includes a square for each day of Lent. The squares wrap around and end with Easter Sunday at the very center.

Sundays and Fridays are marked on the map, as well as Ash Wednesday and the days of Holy Week. At the bottom of the Map Magnet, we have added places to fill in your family's resolutions in terms of Fasting, Prayer and Alms Giving.

Since the specific dates of Lent change from one year to the next, we have provided 16 extra magnets to mark feasts days that your family can add to the map each year. These feast day magnets include St. Patrick, St. Joseph, St. Katherine Drexel, the Annunciation and many others. A printed sheet included with each magnet set shares the feast day for each magnet. Also, please note that you will not need all 16 magnets each year as some years a few of the saint's feast days will fall outside of Lent.

Finally, one additional magnet will help your children "journey with Jesus". This magnet features Jesus carrying the cross, helped by two children. Each day your children can move this magnet forward, to count down the days to the resurrection.

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