Jellybean: A Baby's Journey to God

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For families experiencing infant loss, this picture book shows the important role these babies still have for their families.

Little Jellybean, so nicknamed by her family, experiences an exciting world of sound and sensations inside her mother's womb, encountering the voices and personalities of her loving family. Just when she has nearly outgrown her mother's belly, a surprising visitor guides her to a new home. 

There, Jellybean is given a mission to help her family find meaning in their loss and ultimately join her in the presence of God. 

If you are struggling to explain to your older children why their sibling is gone, this picture book is a gentle way to help them through grief.

"I read this book and broke down in tears. I had an early miscarriage, and this was such a beautiful way to envision that loss," said Kelly, a mother of a miscarried baby. After reading this book, another mother said, "After I stopped crying, I thought of friends and relatives who would do well with this book. Jellybean will speak to those who have miscarried at any stage and those who have lost full term babies, infants, and even young children. We need help explaining and remembering God’s hand in the matter.”

Jellybean includes a dedication page where you can include the name of your lost infant and a prayer from the Liturgy for the Funeral of a Child Who Died before Baptism. 

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