In the Beginning | Crucial Lessons for Our World from the First Three Chapters of Genesis

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The signature evils of our day—abortion, pornography, personal alienation, sex and gender confusion, breakdown of marriages and families, countless souls caught in the grip of the culture of death—have one crucial thing in common: humanity’s prideful rejection of God’s created order. To combat this modern folly, we need ancient wisdom; in fact, we need to go all the way back to creation’s very first days.

In the Beginning by Monica Migliorino Miller (author of Abandoned) takes you through a unique reading of the first three chapters of Genesis, unfolding the richness of the divinely revealed creation story and what it has to say about God, the world, and the destiny of mankind.

Those first three chapters of Genesis aren’t a literal play-by-play of how the universe came to be; neither are they mere mythical poetry or a purely symbolic re-imagining of scientific events beyond the comprehension of “primitive” peoples.  Rather, as Miller shows, they are the revelation of cosmic truths that obliterate the prevailing pagan mindset. From the first ray of light to the aftermath of the Fall, God is telling the world that things will be different now.

This radical new mindset that God announces in Genesis shows us a fresh and optimistic way of thinking about nature, the body, the spirit, sex and procreation, death, and what comes after death. In the Beginning will enrich your understanding of these lessons; it will also show you how to deploy them as an antidote to those modern errors that try to make us forget that God created the world . . . and it is Good.

"This is a remarkable little book. Don’t be deceived: it is not a “little” treatment of just a few chapters in Genesis. It is a sweeping, learned introduction to the whole Christian view of God and man placed over/against competing views – views of ancient pagans and modern feminists, for instance. She applies the truths of Genesis to some perplexing modern practices and provides thought provoking interpretations of Eve as Adam's helpmate.  Miller’s engaging style is not at all dogmatic; she explores with the reader possible interpretations of texts.  Her book will silence any who think there is no need for yet another book on Genesis (here only the first three chapters!).  I predict readers will find it most enjoyable and illuminating." - Dr. Janet Smith, Retired Professor of Moral Theology and Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit

Monica Migliorino Miller’s In the Beginning: Crucial Lessons for Our World from the First Three Chapters of Genesis is a rare and precious example of a close reading of key Scriptures by an outstanding Christian thinker and writer. Intimate familiarity with the biblical text is our best defense and Miller’s In the Beginning is the best I’ve seen in 50 years of Scripture study. - Al Kresta, Host, Kresta in the Afternoon

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