Dawn at Last

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Written by our very own Fr. Martin Ibeh of the Diocese of St. Augustine, this book chronicles his journey from a poor boy from a small village in Nigeria to a Diocesan priest in Florida.

Discovering that the Lord was calling him to the priestly ministry, Clay (Fr. Martin's pseudonym) responds wholeheartedly to the Lords plan for his life. His journey to priesthood is not an easy one; he encounters overwhelming obstacles and tough trials. Even so, Clay presses forward in fervent zeal, fixing his gaze on the Lord, understanding that the cross is inevitably part of following Christ. He trusts that God is at work in his life at all times, molding and shaping him into a vessel of love and grace.

At last, it is a story of the victory of faith! Clays lifes story is a striking testimony of Gods faithfulness and unfailing grace towards those who trust in Him. This book will surely inspire some people who face certain difficult times to realize that the Lord has not finished with them. It will stir up in their hearts the desire to invite Christ to walk with them; and when they do so, Christ will turn their trying times into a story of triumph.

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