Sock Religious Holy Nutcracker XL Socks

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The history of the nutcracker dates back to 17th century Germany. During this time nutcrackers were not only functional but also considered symbols of good luck and protection. People often placed them in their homes to ward off evil and bring prosperity during the holiday season.

Nutcrackers were originally functional tools used to crack open hard-shelled nuts, with early examples made of wood and often taking the form of figurative designs. Over time, these decorative wooden figures have often taken the form of soldiers, kings, or other characters and are traditionally used as ornaments or gifts during the holiday season. Our nutcrackers take on a more playful and holy persona in the form of St. Nicholas, the Pope, the Swiss Guard, and Cardinals.

Today, nutcrackers are iconic symbols of holiday festivities, adorning homes and adding to the seasonal charm during Christmas celebrations worldwide.

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