Serenity Prayer God Grant Me Diffuser

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Relax, refresh, and reinvigorate in fresh and fragrant air, while boosting your mood with your favorite color of lighting! Cool mist can be the cure to stress, germs, unpleasant smells, dry skin, and sore throats. Cleanse your life with this inspiring diffuser.

This is a beautifully designed diffuser, which can produce continuous mist that lasts up to 8 hours. It has an automatic shut-off feature so you can breath easy! It refreshes any room in your home. Just pour water to fill the line inside of the diffuser basin, then add a couple sprays or drops of essential oils to enjoy subtle, luxurious aromas!

  • Buttons and settings safe and easy to use in pedestal base; UL product safety approved
  • Setting for LED light can be used in changing color mode or can be set to one color (8 color options in which to choose)
  • Plug-in to any standard electrical unit

The entire unit measures approximately 5.75 inches in height and 3.5 inches in diameter and ships in gift box packaging

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