St. Joseph, Fatima, and Fatherhood: Reflections on the Miracle of the Sun

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“Rejection of the Fatherhood of God by the vast majority of mankind inevitably has set in motion a chain reaction of consequences affecting fatherhood under every aspect.” (Page 39)


While many Catholics have not heard of the part that St. Joseph played in the apparitions at Fatima, his role in them is undeniable and significant. 


When 70,000 spectators gathered with the three children at Fatima to witness the “Miracle of the Sun,” on either side of the sun appeared the Holy Family. In this vision, St. Joseph held the Child Jesus to left of the sun, and the Blessed Virgin stood robed in white and blue on the right.


Msgr. Joseph Cirricione, a student of the Fatima apparitions for 40 years, is the first author to examine the significance of this unique appearance of the Holy Family. Because St. Joseph appeared to the world in a new way, Msgr. Cirricione analyzes the great significance of the apparition for all Catholics. He does the holy work of furthering the Church’s traditional understanding of St. Joseph and demonstrates the importance of St. Joseph’s role in the salvation of souls.  


A necessary read for any Catholic interested in the salvation of souls, especially one's own, this booklet details the fascinating role of St. Joseph at Fatima. With this small and spiritually enriching booklet, you will begin to understand the critical role of St. Joseph at Fatima, deepen your love for Jesus’s earthly father, and uncover the attack that the modern age has made against fatherhood. 

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