Catholicism Everywhere; From Hail Mary Passes to Cappuccinos: How the Catholic Faith Is Infused in Culture

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Many faithful Catholics greet God and give Him thanks and praise when they arise in the morning and retire at night. How they stay connected with Him and the Faith throughout the day, however, varies widely. Many forget that He is right there to call upon whenever the need or impulse arises. Others see Him all around, in the flowers of the field, the birds of the air, the smile of a child. Uniquely, Catholicism Everywhere treats the reader to the many expressions of God in the hobbies, foods, structures, and inventions developed by the Catholic Church and her members.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and thank Pope Clement VIII for his refusal to ban coffee and his edict proclaiming it to be an acceptable drink for Christians. Turn on the radio and recall that Fr. Jozef Murgas patented a form of wireless telegraphy, made the first wireless voice transmission, and gave away his secrets to allow for the development of radio. Send an e-mail and shop online with a nod to Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller, a member of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who became one of the first two students to earn a doctorate in computer science, helping pave the way for personal computing.

In these crisp, compelling passages, you will also learn about:

  • The saint whose research led to the discovery of insulin
  • The priest who posited the big bang theory
  • The thrilling significance of the St. Michael’s Jump
  • The origin of the Hail Mary pass
  • The saint who used beer to help save lives
  • The actor whose promise in prayer led to the building of a famous children’s hospital
  • The film Pope Paul VI said would bring more people to Christ than anything before

These and other remarkable stories show how the Catholic Church and her members have borne tremendous fruit, in faith, to serve their fellow man. This book features chapters on pets, gardening, health care, cuisine, travel, entertainment, science, and more, including the Catholic founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Mayo Clinic, the Blue Army, the Knights of Columbus, and the Legion of Mary.

From sports to weather forecasting to wedding customs to military service, Catholicism Everywhere connects your work, your play, and your daily habits with the vibrant heritage, culture, and prayers of the Catholic Faith.

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