Blessed Carlo Acutis 10" Statue

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Blessed Carlo Acutis statue - a modern day saint - an ordinary the depiction of Carlo is: a young man, with a polo shirt, jeans and tennis shoes… an image anyone can relate to. This depiction reminds us that sainthood is not for the extraordinary people, but like Carlo, for the ordinary, because in sainthood, it is through the ordinary that one reaches the extraordinary. A great reminder for us all on our quest for sainthood.

Blessed Carlo Acutis was an Italian teenager born in 1991 who was known for his deep Catholic faith and his passion for computer programming. He devoted much of his short life to spreading the message of the Eucharist through his many acts of charity and through his website, which he designed himself. Carlo was diagnosed with leukemia at age 15 and offered his sufferings up to God, continuing to attend Mass and pray until his death in 2006. He was beatified by the Catholic Church in 2020 and is considered a model of holiness for young people today.

10 inch tall

Hand Painted Poly-resin (polymer resin mixed with marble dust - a high tech form of fiberglass)

Made in Colombia, South America by artists were schooled in Italian design and painting methods. Each statue is individually hand-made from a resin and marble dust composite polymer. They are much more durable than ceramic or porcelain. Each statue is expertly hand-painted using paint colored with vibrant natural pigments indigenous to various regions of South America.

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