Archbishop Fulton Sheen Socks

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Born into a farm family in El Paso, Illinois, Fulton Sheen was ordained a priest in 1919 and later became a college professor. His dynamic lectures often drew numerous visitors in addition to his students. After filling-in on a radio program, he was asked to continue as a weekly speaker. Fulton traveled around the U.S. giving guest lectures, homilies, and retreats, all while teaching full-time and publishing numerous books. After being ordained a bishop in 1951, he launched his famous television series, “Life is Worth Living,” reaching 30 million viewers each week and eventually winning an Emmy Award in 1953! Our sock
pays homage to this program and his famed “Chalk Talk” sessions where he would begin his discussion on current issues by writing JMJ in chalk at the top of the board. This chalk JMJ graces the back calf of our sock as does his signature on the foot.

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