All Things Christmas Catholic Coloring Journal

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This is a color-filled, Catholic Devotional Journal - A Lovely and Inviting Place to pray, doodle, list, plan, write, color, paint and create alongside Saint (Mother) Teresa and other Saint's thoughts and words of truth and love. Bible verses are from the NAB Catholic Bible. Verses, quotes, coloring book art, lined pages, doodle frames and colorful accents accompany you on this 40-page, creative journey. Formatted on large, 8.5 x 11 pages, this Color Doodle Journal is a Devotional and a canvas to create. It is easy to use, celebrate the SEASON in your life, and complete. No unfinished journal pages will be left behind. Soft, bright cover, color interior with decorative pages between book and cover. THE CATHOLIC JOURNAL COMPANY - Colorfully Celebrating our Faith! Our hope is that our books will bless you as you celebrate all the SEASONS in your life!

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