A Catechism of the Liturgy: For use with the Traditional Latin Mass

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A Catechism of the Liturgy is a simple, question and answer catechetical text for learning about the Traditional Latin liturgy. It covers the nature of the liturgy, the Mass and Breviary, the seasons of the liturgical year, and the history of liturgical development. This Catechism is a short read, and in large print. It is also describes the liturgy as it was in 1919, before the 1955 changes, so those accustomed to the 1962 Missal will notice some differences. Just the same, this little catechism is a tour de force of liturgical knowledge.


"One joy that a Catholic often receives in relation to well written catechisms is the clarity which is contained therein. This catechism gives clear and concise explanations of various elements of the liturgy, rounding out one's lack of knowledge and giving clarity to the meanings of each element discussed. The reader would be well suited to study the explanation given herein, since it puts him in contact with the longstanding tradition of the Catholic Church and its liturgy."

-Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

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