4 Evangelists Adult Socks

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The four evangelists-Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John-also known as the gospel writers,
played significant roles in shaping the New Testament.

Matthew, a former tax collector and follower of Jesus, focused on Jesus' teachings of righteousness and the fulfillment of prophecies. He is often symbolized by a man, because his gospel focuses on Jesus' human nature and the Incarnation.

Mark, a friend of Peter, emphasized Jesus as the suffering servant and stressed the importance of faith. Traditionally symbolized by a lion, Mark's gospel conveys courage and strength.

Luke, a doctor and a companion of Paul, highlighted Jesus' care for all people, sharing stories like the prodigal son and emphasizing the significant role of women. Luke is symbolized by an ox, signifying diligence and sacrifice.

John, particularly beloved by Jesus, delved into the deep meaning of Jesus' divinity and spiritual significance. Often symbolized by an eagle,John's gospel soars with profound theological insights. Together, these four writers offer diverse perspectives on Jesus' life and teachings.

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