365 Days of Catholic Wisdom: A Treasury of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

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Thinking with the mind of the Church, Dr. Hudson has mined the riches of faith and reason with which the Church has blessed civilization and with which She has shone forth the splendor of truth across two millennia.


It was G. K. Chesterton who quipped that the Church is the one continual institution to have been thinking about thinking for two thousand years, and it is for this reason, as Chesterton also quipped, that She saves us from the ignominy of ignorance which makes us children of our own time and slaves of the Zeitgeist. It is She who enables us to think outside the temporal box so that we can perceive the time.


Dr. Hudson knows that the Church thinks with the mind of the theologian and philosopher but also with the heart of the saint and with the eye of the poet. He also knows that God shows us Himself most powerfully through the art of narrative, through storytelling and parable, and through that primary story which is history itself. Knowing this, he has filled these pages with the wisdom of the ages as perceived by a diverse range of sages, including theologians, philosophers, saints, mystics, poets, novelists, and historians.

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