St. Drogo Ethiopian Medium Roast

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This blend honors St. Drogo, Patron Saint of Coffee. His father died before he was born and his mother died in childbirth. A Flemish noble, he was raised by relatives, and upon discovering what happened to his parents, felt called to live a life of prayer and penance devoted to God.

At the age of 20, he sold all he owned to live as a shepherd, hermit, pilgrim and anchorite. Recognized for his holiness and charity, he is the Patron Saint of Coffee because of his meager diet.

This Ethiopian blend features the strength of a dark roast and the smoothness of a medium roast. Semi-sweet chocolate and heavy dark berry notes offer an enriching influence in the delicious flavor profile, featuring the berries St. Drogo may have eaten as a hermit living from the land and the hand of God. Honoring the Patron Saint of Coffee, it makes a distinctive cup and a delicious gift of devotion.
  • 12 oz bag of St. Drogo Ethiopian Medium Roast 
  • Semi-sweet chocolate and dark berry notes
  • Strong with a smooth finish
  • Ethically sourced beans
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