Saints Who Transformed Their World

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Our history is filled with the stories of ordinary men and women who were raised up by God for the people and needs of their times—people through whom God did extraordinary things as they followed Jesus in the midst of his Church.

In saints Who Transformed Their World, Sherry Weddell presents stories of laypeople who said "yes" to God and shared the spiritual gifts given to them by God. Be inspired by the stories of lay saints: women and men whom God has powerfully used as channels of his beauty, mercy, wisdom, healing, and provision. In these short stories, you will discover people you can relate to. Their inspirational ways of living their faith can help you to recognize your spiritual gifts and help you live every day as an intentional disciple.

When each one of us faithfully answers God’s unique call in our lives, the fruit that you and I bear will be the answer to someone else’s prayer. — Sherry Weddell

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