Battle for the American Church (Revisited)

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Fifteen years after his eye-opening book The Battle for the American Church revealed what Monsignor George Kelly called a guerrilla-type warfare going on inside the American Church , he now revisits that battle within the Catholic Church and the struggle to change her mission, her nature and her Gospel. While Kelly's first book described the early efforts after Vatican II to offset the right of the Pope, in union with his bishops, to determine the meaning of Catholicity, this volume describes in detail how this struggle has enfolded between Rome and National Conferences of Bishops, between Magisterial officers and religious superiors, college presidents, organized theologians and religious educators. Kelly also covers in detail the origins of the NCCB, its relations with Rome and leaders of Catholic institutions, and with political leaders. Today, as the pontificate of Pope John Paul II begins to wind down, Monsignor Kelly takes a penetrating look at the American Church and asks: Who did win the battle? Or, is it still going on? And, if so, when will it end? And with what results for those who fully believe that the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, and that He was the Son of God?

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