When It Feels Impossible to Pray: Prayers for the Grieving

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When words don't come easily, there are still ways to pray.

This little book can be your entry to talking with God — with and without words — in this most difficult time.

For those who have experienced a sudden and terrible loss, it is important to realize that you don’t have to do the things one normally associates with prayer to actually be connecting with God in a way that’s prayer-like. Just sit still, if you like. Grieving people often find themselves doing a lot of sitting still. Stunned. Allow yourself a time to be quiet, to answer to no one, to accomplish nothing at all. Quietness in itself is where prayerfulness begins.

“In the end prayer’s essence is simply this: We need to open ourselves to God in such a way that we are capable of hearing God say to us, individually, ‘I love you!’”
—Ronald Rolheiser

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