The Mass Book for Catholic Children

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The Mass Book for Catholic Children is a guided journal that is designed to help your child become more engaged in the Mass. The activities in this book provide the gentle encouragement your child needs to more fully participate in the Mass. The Mass Book for Catholic Children is not a just busy book, but a true worship aide meant to draw the child deeper into the beauty of the Mass. Each time your child attends Mass, he or she will have three activity-packed pages to help them participate in the liturgy in a more fruitful and devout way. This book is designed as 9 repeating activities that are spread out over 3 pages. These 3 pages repeat for each Mass, and there are enough pages for the child to attend 62 different Masses (every Sunday, plus 10 extra for Holy Days). Although the activities are repeating, they are open-ended, so your child's answers to the activities will be different each time. Example activities include notating the liturgical color, completing checklists, recording prayer intentions, listening for words during the homily, and drawing a picture of the Gospel story. Complete instructions provide useful tips, and a Reconciliation Record is located at the back of the book to keep track of confession dates. Great gift for First Holy Communion, Christmas or birthdays! Geared toward children ages 7-12. 

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