The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory: An Interview with Maria Simma

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It is not often that a book touches the soul so deeply. The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory is such a book. Maria Simma, lived humbly in the mountains of Austria. When shew as twenty-five, Maria was graced with a very special charism - the charism of being visited by the many souls in Purgatory - and being able to communicate with them! In her words, Maria shares with us some amazing secrets about the souls in Purgatory. She answers questions such as:

What is Purgatory?
How do souls get there?
Who decides if a soul goes to Purgatory?
What are the sins that most lead to Purgatory?
How can we help get a soul released from Purgatory?
Are there religions which are bad for the soul?
Are there children in Purgatory?
How can I avoid Purgatory?


This is a remarkable interview on after-death realities, a true revelation for those who have lost a dear one!

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