St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) Commemorative Prayer Card

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Witness to and celebrate your faith with this St. Teresa of Calcutta Commemorative Prayer Card! Celebrate this holy woman's canonization and order for yourself or as a perfect personal gift to a friend, relative, or religious who has a devotion to Mother Teresa! Our holy card displays a glowing image of Christ's servant and spouse, who gave her life to love Jesus in the poorest of the poor, and includes a prayer in thanksgiving for her Sainthood.

This special commemorative holy card includes a new coat of arms designed in celebration of St. Teresa of Calcutta's canonization, symbolizing Mother Teresa's vocation to love and service: the blue shield (Marian color) with three stripes represents the Missionaries of Charity habit, modeled after a sari that poor sweeper women would wear; Jesus' words in the Gospel of John, "I thirst," encompass Mother Teresa's mission to quench Christ's thirst for souls, which she had written beside the main chapel crucifix of the Missionaries of Charity; the flame of love depicts Mother Teresa's burning love for Jesus and her intense dedication to serving Jesus despite spiritual dryness; and a cross with a heart symbolizes her frequent medit tion on Jesus' love and thirst for souls, especially while hanging upon the cross, and her order's mission to con ole the heart of Jesus through authentic love of neighbor.

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta entered a contemplative religious order as a young woman in 1928. After being fully professed, she received a "call within a call" to serve those on the streets of India, still remaining consecrated to God. As many young women followed her to serve the poor, the group eventually was approved by the Vatican to become the Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa traveled the world, spreading her mission of love. Despite receiving great honors from the world, her joy and mission still flowed from her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

These holy cards measure 2.5" by 4.25" and are designed and printed in our shop here in Steubenville, OH.

"Born: August 26, 1910
Founded her order: October 7, 1950
Died: September 5, 1997
Beatified: October 19, 2003
Canonized: September 4, 2016

O Living God
who uses the weak to lead the strong,
who casts down the mighty and lifts up the lowly,
the Church rejoices at the canonization of
Holy Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

By her humble service to the Poorest of the Poor,
and staunch defense of un orn human life,
she became a bastion for the culture of life.

We ask, O Lord, that her heavenly intercession
and earthly example continue
to bless the world, now and forever.



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