Sports Blessings Football Rosary

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This beautiful, durable, fun and sporty Rosary is MADE IN AMERICA by Generations Religious Gifts, as part of their Sports Blessing line of original Catholic athletic gifts.

A sign and celebration of both athletic dedication and skill as well as deep devotion to the Blessed Mother, each of our Sports Bead Rosaries features:

Delightful hard-molded full color athletic beads
Italian imported 2 inch enameled crucifix
Durable nylon cord construction
Instructions sheet with child-friendly instructions on praying the Holy Rosary, with all prayers and Mysteries included

Each Sports Bead Rosary is hand assembled in Columbus, OH.

Perfect for small hands (1/2 inch Ave Maria beads, 5/8 inch Pater Noster beads, durable construction stands up to wear and tear) our Sports Bead Rosaries make the BEST First Holy Communion and Confirmation gifts, or gifts for any special occasion. These Rosaries are perfect for adults of any age, too!

Size (inches): 20

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