Silver Oxidized Corpus 3-3/4" (9.5 CM)

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This beautifully detailed corpus comes with an INRI sign ready to attach to a cross. The corpus measures 3-3/4"(9.5cm) in height x 3-1/8"(7.9cm) in width. The INRI sign measures 13/16"(2cm) x 1/2"(1.5cm). Both the corpus and sign come complete with pre-drilled 2mm holes.

Silver oxidized and imported from Italy. Each corpus is die cast from metal with beautiful detail and quality. As a general guideline, the cross should be approximately 2 times the height of the corpus, but this can vary significantly depending on your personal preference. Corpora can be attached with small nails / brads that you can find at any hardware store or home improvement warehouse (you can choose the type you want depending on the look you would like). Hot melt adhesive can also be used, optionally, in addition to the nails if desired.

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