Rise Up Virtues Devotional for Kids

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Rise Up: Shining with Virtue is a beautiful and remarkable collection on our Catholic faith for today’s children. This compilation of over a dozen writers offers, for the first time, an in-depth, age-appropriate view of virtues, steeped in Catholic tradition, for children ages 8-12.

In over 250 pages, each chapter addresses on one of fifteen virtues, all inspired by Saint Thomas Aquinas’ writings on virtues in his influential work, Summa Theologiae.

This book received the “imprimatur” and “Nihil Obstat” designations from Bishop Olmsted in the Diocese of Phoenix, meaning none of the materials contradict Catholic doctrine or moral law.

Written in a seven-day format, the chapter opens with an introduction by Susanna Spencer, our Theological Editor who holds her Masters in Theology from Steubenville. She also offers a reflection on a Scripture passage that captures that virtue. For the next five days, one of our Blessed is She writers offers daily spirited reflections, spanning a moment in history class as Benjamin Franklin to being dubbed the superhero “Prudence” to performing a judo throw on her instructor. Those five days are begun with Scripture or a Saint quote, brief enough to memorize or pray and end in a short prayer authored by our Managing Editor, Nell O’Leary. Susanna wraps up the week with a thought-provoking and encouraging conclusion and prayer. 

Give this gift to the children you love to help them learn Scripture and the wisdom of the Saints and grow in virtue.

It is 5×7 inches, glossy paper, perfect bound, and designed/printed in the USA. 

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