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Unlike the politicized and committee generated "science" of mental health, psychomoralitics is a thoroughly developed and expostulated science built upon the most time-tested conceptualization of integral human nature. As a completely divergent and antithetical discipline to those of the mental health professions, psychomoralitics is also the very remedy and antidote to the iatrogenic harms caused by those professions. Psychomoralitics, the soul-deep science of human flourishing, uniquely synthesizes natural law, perennial ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge research. Psychomoralitics intervenes at the inorganic causative level of the reason, free will, and the passions to remedy essential mal-being and ego-reactivity. Psychomoralitic intervention vivifies a person's ability to receive-the-real, assent-to-truth, and choose-the-good, so as to bring about essential well-being & innermost peace. 


Dr. Gregory C. Dilsaver is a psychologist and the director of Imago Dei Clinics ( He is the developer of Imago Dei Psychotherapy, the first fully integrated Catholic clinical psychology, and author of the groundbreaking book of the same name. Dr. Dilsaver received an advanced theological degree from the Pontifical Institute on Marriage and Family where he was a McGivney Scholar and graduated from the original St. Ignatius Institute at the University of San Francisco where he majored in philosophy and the Great Books

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