My Holy Hour - St. Gertrude the Great: A Devotional Prayer Journal

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Are you at peace or is life out of control? Are you overwhelmed with the onslaught of daily life? Do you yearn for peace but feel it's impossible to find? A Holy Hour is the perfect answer and a Holy Hour journal is the perfect companion.

Holy Hours help you grow spiritually and deepen your relationship with God. You'll find you're able to focus more on God, adore Jesus, and open up to the Holy Spirit.

Holy Hour devotional journals are great companions during times of prayer and meditation. Today many Christians strive for a daily holy hour, while a growing number of Catholics follow in the footsteps of Bishop Fulton Sheen and practice adoration in front of the blessed sacrament. My Holy Hour journals, with their blank lined pages, offer an opportunity to capture those moments of inspiration that happen during Eucharistic and private prayers and meditations, as well as during bible study, worship times, and mass.

This devotional prayer journal contains 110 blank lined pages and the following sections:



  • Why Keep a Holy Hour
  • How to Keep a Holy Hour
  • Holy Hour Pages
  • Holy Hour Quotes
  • Record Your Favorite Quotes
  • Personal Index Pages


Use this as a daily, weekly, or holy hour journal. If you enjoy Susan Tassone's books on the Holy Souls in Purgatory, then you'll enjoy recording your thoughts and prayers in this journal dedicated to St. Gertrude the Great.

My Holy Hour journals are designed to help Catholics and other Christians from all walks of life discover, explore, and enjoy the many rewards formed by a deeper connection to Christ.

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